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11.05.2007 00:44
Tips on Buying a Used Boat? antworten

With permission from
Have you been considering buying a boat but just wasn’t sure which way to go? Perhaps you really don’t want to go deep in debt for a new boat, but you are afraid of settling for a used boat. If this is your situation then you will be pleased to know that if you use caution and follow proper guidelines then you will be able to find a really good used boat for sale.

Below are 5 tips on buying a used boat that will help you make a wise decision.

1. Buy from a reliable dealer. The first most important thing to check out is the reputation of the dealer that you are buying the boat from. Make sure they are a legitimate business that you can depend on. They should also have a good service department.

2. Get a warranty. If the boat is in as good condition as the owner says it is, then this shouldn’t be a problem. It is only logical that you will need a certain length of time to place the boat on the water to see how well it really does hold up.

3. Buy a boat suited to your needs. In other words, don’t just buy a boat because it is a good deal. If it is not what you are really searching for then you will end up being disappointed and unhappy with your decision, even if it was a good deal. Wait for the right boat to come along, it will in time.

4. Pay close attention to the boat trailer. This is a feature that gets overlooked many times. Boat trailers are expensive and you certainly cannot move your boat around without one. Of course, if you are in a location where your boat will stay on the water this is not as important, but if you have to transport your boat make sure the trailer is in good condition.

5. Do your homework. Make sure the used boat is worth the asking price. Keep in mind that boats can depreciate in value very quickly. This means the price of the used boat should be a considerable amount less than the original price of the boat, depending on how old the boat is.

If you take the time needed to gather information and search for the right used boat then you will be very happy with your decision. The biggest mistake people make is getting impatient and simply taking the first option they have. A used boat can be a good investment and can provide you with all the fun in the fun that you can handle so choose wisely.

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